Support Music in Schools

Support Music in Schools

Supporting music in schools doesn’t have to be to bolster other disciplines, even though it does. Music plays in important role in virtually every culture in the world. We benefit from music in a variety of ways. Music is expressive, therapeutic, entertaining, motivating, inspiring and unique. It provides us an emotional outlet for all occasions. Music is our companion that is always there when we need

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it. Music is the seasoning of life; it augments everything we do.

A world without music would be like a world without laughter. We cannot let music slowly slip away because it’s benefits aren’t measurable. Support Music in Schools and, even if you don’t play music, you will be contributing to part of this “musical seasoning” that provides innumerable intangible benefits to the world.

LessonLogs supports music in schools along side NAfME and countless other organizations.

Support Music In Schools

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Noah Keitel, Co-Founder of LessonLogs, has been a musician for over 20 years. Noah has been a music educator and entrepreneur since getting his B.A. in music education from the University of Minnesota Morris. It is time that music educators around the world get state of the art tools to make lesson management easier for teachers and students. Create your free LessonLogs studio today.

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