Leather Guitar Accessories!

Handmade Leather Guitar Accessories

Once in a while we come across some amazing musical accessories. We want to feature a Minnesota, Made in USA, homegrown little shop called the Buffalo Billfold Company. They make some amazing leather wallets & billfolds, money clips, purses, belts and more. But the thing we liked the most was their guitar accessories: theĀ Buffalo Leather Guitar Strap and their leather guitar pick case! We liked them so much we ordered them to try them out. The leather is really durable and looks great. The craftsmanship is excellent too. You can tell that they paid great attention to detail when making them.

The guitar strap is amazing. It’s got a great shoulder pad and leather lacing to adjust the length. It’s a bit slow to adjust, but let’s face it, once you’ve got it to the right length, how often are you actually going to adjust it after that? We put strap locks on ours and they fit great.

The pick case has a really smooth sliding zipper and slips perfectly into ones pocket or guitar case. You can pull it out and grab a pick pretty quick. Plus, this thing is durable enough to hold up on the road if you’re out gigging, or even in your day to day travels to and from school or lessons.

So, if you’re looking for a new guitar strap or guitar pick case, this is what we’d recommend. And we’ve seen quite a few leather guitar straps in our days!


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