Innovating Leap Motion Brings New Tools to Music

Innovating Leap Motion Brings New Tools to Music

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that we see new technology hardware interfaces make their debut. And it’s even more seldom that we see them make their debut in the world of music. However, the exciting launch of the Leap Motion Controller has made a stir in both the tech community and the music community.

Leap Motion Controller

“The Leap Motion Controller senses how you naturally move your hands and lets you use your computer in a whole new way. Point, wave, reach, grab. Pick something up and move it.”

This means that you can basically move your hands around over it and it will capture your actions. If you pick up the Better Touch Tool App via Leap Motion’s AirSpace, you can program “hand gestures” into your Leap Motion Controller, much like you would program touchpad gestures on a touchpad.

So what does this all mean for music? See for yourself:
A little dub step

There are some pretty innovative applications going for Leap Motion, but the Leap Motion Controller is not without it’s flaws. The largest flaw I currently see is that it doesn’t function well in bright light. Specifically sunlight. So, keep it away from the windows and you’re golden.

If you’re interested in this great new device go ahead and pick one up and let us know what you think!


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