Quickly Enter Lessons


It’s easy to save time with LessonLogs. Learn how-to enter a lesson today!

  • Organize your notes.
  • Provide interactive feedback to students.
  • Track grades and lesson scores.
With five simple steps you can do this and more!

  1. Choose the student or group.
  2. Select the time of the lesson.
  3. Type your lesson notes.
  4. Grade the lesson.
  5. Save.

With LessonLogs you can keep all of your notes and grades in the cloud. Enter lessons and it is a snap to stay organized for the rest of the school year. LessonLogs unique software puts powerful tools at you fingertips. Stay

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tuned for more how-to videos from LessonLogs.

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Steve Anderson is a singer/songwriter and the COO of LessonLogs.

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