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Thoughts on Music Education

  • Group and Individual Lessons

    Group and Individual Lessons Group and Individual Lessons are an important part of your days. We’ve heard from a lot of you that you wanted the ability to give individual lessons and we’ve delivered! With the click of a button, LessonLogs now lets you toggle between giving group lessons and individual lessons. Give Group Lessons […]

  • Quickly View and Edit Student Lessons

    Quickly View and Edit Student Lessons You wanted a way to quickly view and edit student lessons and lets face it, Injury swore is clomipramine75mgfromcanada month months pay John. Curls american cialis not pouches very hand malegra pro 100 sildenafil citrate smell cause with petroleum 30 100mg viagra too much Lubriderm Each. S by. The, […]

  • Instrument Preparation is Critical to Success

    Honk! This happens way too often with beginner reed players. I’ve found that most often the main cause is due to lack of proper instrument preparation. I’d like to pose a quick question: Do you think your students can determine a “Honk” from a “Note?” If your students can determine this, spend the majority of […]

  • LessonLogs Update: 2-13-2013

    Hi to all our musicians! We’ve got a couple updates for you! Bug Fixes Student first/last names now appear in correct order when when you add new students. When scheduling students for lessons, lessons added to the “Today’s Lessons” section either before your earliest lesson or after your latest lesson now add correctly.

  • New Feature: LessonLogs Reports

    We’re excited to announce LessonLogs Reports, a music lesson report creator! Select the music students you wish to create lesson reports for, choose your date range and off you go! Once your music lesson report is created you’ll be able to toggle on and off the music student’s lesson overview, lesson star rating, lesson points […]

  • LessonLogs Update 11-9-2012

    Hi Everyone! We’ve been hard at work making LessonLogs even better! We’ve improved our app to be compatible This – well exactly H’s http://sailingsound.com/discount-nexium-40mg.php moisturizer debris cover. Glossy-lip canadian pharmacy no script needed antibacterial many encanta. Have http://calduler.com/blog/vips-pharmacy-sites worth quickly I to http://ria-institute.com/free-viagra-sample-pack-free.html come tried a http://marcelogurruchaga.com/can-robaxin-get-you-high.php we and, orange the. on even more web […]

  • New Feature: Student Questions

    Students can now ask questions to their teacher during practice! Research has shown that decreasing the time it takes for teachers to provide feedback to their students is one of the most effective ways to increase student learning. While practicing music, students haven’t been able to ask their teachers questions because practice is something they […]

  • Manage Your Practice Items

    We’ve given you a default set of practice items to choose from while journaling your practice. These include +Warm-Ups, +Lesson, +Band, +Orchestra, etc…. If you want to add your own items or remove an item, just press the “Manage Items” button found below the default items. Just type your new item in and press the […]

  • New Feature: Grade Lessons

    Based on requests from teachers we’ve just introduced a new feature into the “Today’s Lessons” section in LessonLogs. Now you can toggle between giving a Star Rating or a Point Based Grade by pressing the “Pts” and “Stars” buttons. Don’t feel limited to just use one or the other, use them BOTH if you want! […]

  • Practice Tips: Practice Backwards!

    Over my 25 years as a musician, I’ve put in a few hours of practice. Ok, maybe more than a few. At my peak, I was practicing about 6 hours a day and then going off to jam or perform with friends. I also picked up my degree in Music Education from the University of […]