About Us

Our Story

LessonLogs began in 2003 when founder Noah Keitel, a musician, educator and budding web developer saw a need to improve the music education system. Fundamental issues arose when an student attempted to learn how to play an instrument.

During practice, there are questions and no teachers. Quite often, students taking private lessons will not ask questions until their next lesson and students in public music programs will forget their question by the next day. This leads to incorrect practice until the next lesson. Next mistakes need to be relearned. Time is wasted. LessonLogs solves this lack of communication by giving students a fun, simple and effective way to communicate their practice to their teacher.

Now we look to teachers. Lessons given in grade or lesson books have a major flaw; Data is stuck within inflexible static pages. Yes, the teacher can pull this data out and relay it, but it takes time.  When you’re in a public setting and have 150 band students who all want to know their grade it takes a LOT of time. Grading can take even more time than one might think.  At the end of a semester/trimester parents might be shocked to find out their student got a C in band and want to talk about it. That’s a lot of parent conferences. LessonLogs solves this by giving teachers a fast and safe way to give lessons and share them with their students and student’s parents immediately after the lesson takes place. Parents and students are no longer surprised by their grades, but if by chance they are, they have the teachers notes at their finger tips telling them what went wrong and how to fix it!

Well, it’s been a while since the original LessonLogs was out and we decided it needed a makeover. We have tweaked our ideas on how we can improve music education and have started a progressive launch of the new LessonLogs! The new LessonLogs features a great new look with a responsive design so it will work on all your current and future devices! We’ve spiffed up all the great features from the original LessonLogs and we’ll be rolling out many new features as we get them built.

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LessonLogs has been built by musicians, for musicians. We’ve experienced decades of practicing ourselves along with teaching students in a private lessons and public education environments. We’ve discussed LessonLogs with many other musicians to get outside feedback. We know what is broken and we know how to fix it. We are musicians, developers and tech geeks! We’ve been developing software for over a decade and we’re excited to be incorporating the latest and greatest technologies into LessonLogs.

What we’re about

We’re musicians at heart. We love music and want to see it thrive. We’re also a bunch of tech geeks. It’s our passion to make software and play and teach music. We figured, why not combine the two and see what we come up with. It’s our goal to offer a platform to teachers to manage their lessons, and a platform to students to increase their learning. Something has got to change in music education and we’re excited to be the ones to bring about that change!