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Save Time
  • Manage, Organize and Schedule lessons.
  • Provide efficient feedback to parents.
  • Generate Lesson Reports.
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  • Anwser questions between lessons.
  • Provide notes and feedback to parents.
  • Access from any device
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  • Track students practice.
  • More feedback.
  • Unlock hidden potential
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LessonLogs “is a digital music lesson organizer that can be accessed by both the instructor and student, allowing for increased communication, more extensive feedback and far less paper waste.”

I couldn’t be more pleased with the time LessonLogs is saving all of us. It is working terrifically with all of the kids. We are also starting to hear back from parents, and they all have great things to say. Keep up the great work!”

~Jermey W. Westwood Middle School, Spring Lake Park, MN


“LessonLogs is the most used tool on my desktop. It is a great program and very easy to use.”

~ Delano Middle School Delano, MN


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LessonLogs is an interactive lesson organizer for public school music teachers.

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